12 May 2010

can i tell you?

i'm just a little tired of this question (and varieties of it):

"so are you dating anyone?" or "did you date any cute boys this year at BYU?"

i answer, with a slight smile, "no"

then comes the weird little silence- like there must be something wrong with me or with the boys. i prefer to think the latter.

oh but i'm not bitter. in fact i was able to focus on school this year without the worries of liking someone and dating them.

let it be known: i'm perfectly content with writing my best friends on their missions.

so just in case anyone is thinking about asking: NO, i'm not dating anyone/ did not date anyone this last year. thats all.


  1. AMEN! I love watching people squirm when I answer with a perfectly calm no and then they try to pull their foot out of their mouth :) You think its bad now though, wait til you've graduated and you're SINGLE! AUGH! The horrors! ;)

  2. Ha ha ha. yeah its pretty annoying especially since i have absolutely no problem with my "singleness"

  3. I hate this question too. It really bothers me, in fact. Just because I didn't date anyone doesn't mean that I didn't have an awesome year.