24 July 2010

"we should stay up here and just watch movies the entire time"

that is a quote from my mom. weird i know. she is totally anti-movie. this is evidence that this weekend at my aunt and uncle's cabin was a riot.

here are my top 3 favorite photos:

while eating dinner outside spencer decided to take a picture. we were so excited that we hit heads. thats why we look so cool- because we were laughing.
we spent a huge amount of time on the four-wheelers. i love it. i will race you and i will
they have a cute little lake/pond complete with a yurt and canoes. we had a grand old time and i got quite burned on my back.

we also:
watched The Princess and the Frog, and We Are Marshall
had a delicious Dutch oven dinner
made homemade ice cream with mint oreos in it- epic.
played horse shoes- fail
slept in
played pool (well i watched the boys play pool)
ate as many meals outside as possible

. . . and just had fun being together!

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