05 August 2010

Veli Arnesen

Yesterday my little brother, Spencer, entered the MTC. Can you believe it? It is really weird to have someone younger than you on a mission. guess i'm getting old or something. we were really blessed to have the entire family (except hyrum) there to see him off! Adam and Sarah were almost-but-not-quite stranded in Denver.
The whole drop off at the curb thing was weird, but kind of nice. It the nice because they didn't put you through the long tearful meeting where everyone ends of crying. But it was weird because he just left and BAM he's gone. It doesn't hit you that they are leaving/gone.
It hit me later, and I had a little cry in Spencer's old (what!) room. I know he'll be a great missionary and I can't wait to see how he grows! but. . . i'll miss him a lot.

(ps. "veli" means "elder" in finnish)

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  1. probably dropping my brother off was one of the hardest things in the world. i cried uncontrollably.