14 October 2010

4. meditation

“If you dwell on the things
you’re not, you’ll miss out on
the things you really are.”

today's challenge was to use the same amount of time we use to get ready in the morning to meditate, serve, write in our journals, etc. i decided to look up quotes on beauty. here is one that made me think: "That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful" (Ninon de L'Encles).
there is so much in the world that is considered beautiful. but is it good? not necessarily. real beauty is good. some beautiful things i have seen and experienced in the past little while are:
  • my roommate and friend opening their mission calls- those who serve the Lord really are beautiful!
  • my brother's wedding- the temple makes people beautiful. the temple and keeping covenants
  • you know who is one of the most beautiful people i know? my grandma. and she is also one of the most good people i know. in fact, the people i look up to the most are also the people i think are most beautiful. wanna know who else is so beautiful? Mother Teresa.
  • little children are always beautiful- because they are innocent and so Christlike
true beauty comes from the heart. it is an expression of who we are- of what is in our soul.
keep your heart beautiful :)

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  1. I love how so many people are blogging about the challenge! Love your blog! I always read it!