26 October 2010

i'm thankful for... 100% scores

took my physics test yesterday morning. before 12 so i didn't have to pay the late fee. i was stinkin nervous because i didn't do so hot on the last test. i finished the test and felt pretty good about it. but you never know because you might have thought you did well when you actually totally bombed it.

i never look at my test score at the testing center.

so this morning i got up the courage to look at how i did. i had decided not to get all discouraged if i did poorly. i know i did my best and that's what is important. i got 100%!!! on the multiple choice section.
note: that there was only three multiple choice questions. so maybe easy to get a perfect score? not necessarily. and if you miss even one question- you get a D.

i am very grateful that i did well. i know it is a tender mercy from Heavenly Father! thank you thank you thank you!

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