09 November 2010

nine for 9

  1. although i am a sun/warmth lover, i must admit that when i walked out of microbiology this afternoon to find soft flakes of snow falling, my heart was filled with joy. is it possible that wintertime might be fun???
  1. i feed off people's vibes or karma. when people are being grumpy, sad, pessimistic, angry i automatically get a huge lump of coal in my stomach and i kinda want to cry or punch them in the face.
  2. i love jane austen. if you have not seen pride and prejudice (the long version) then your life must be enriched- immediately. of late, i was introduced to the jane austen fight club. i am fanny. because i'm so clever- obvs.
  3. i am a nerd. i think classical music is moving. i get excited while studying things like microbiology and physics. a few of my favorite books are crime and punishment and scarlett letter. i know random facts about american history. geography and sociology fascinate men. don't be fooled by me.
  4. i get homesick. it is possible to be homesick when you only live 20 minutes away from home. crazy, i know. i'm sad that i won't see my family until thanksgiving probably.
  5. i have read approximately 87% of all the novels ever written by agatha christie.
  6. i'm kinda obsessed with- World War 2 and the Holocaust (today is the anniversary of Kristalnacht), Africa, nutrition, photography, and good quotes.
  7. i'm not very patient. something i need to work on.
  8. i started listening to christmas music last saturday and i'm not ashamed of that fact at all. "the best way to spread christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear"
Happy November 9th!


  1. Your brother is really in Finland right now!??! Freaky! What is his name, I'll ask my friend if she knows him! There is only one mission in Finland so they are bound to know eachother!!! Awesome!

  2. My brother's name is Elder Arnesen. He just got there two weeks ago so he's pretty new! I love what a small world this is!

  3. Beka, I love you! We have a lot in common. Can we please hang out sometime??? :)