25 November 2010

thirty days to thankful

from october 25 to november 25 here is what i found i was thankful for

*savers* 100% on physics test* running* sunny days* EFY music*my Grandpa*roommates- who will stay up until 2 am talking to me, who will let me borrow their cars and cardigans*mormon messages*temples*the Ensign*TAs who help me understand physics*brothers*work friends*fast sundays*to be a Mormon*umbrella*BOTH my sisters Sarah*free food*pendulum court*snow (did i just say that?)*the Lord's love in my life*brothers*priesthood*sleep*good health*music*the Holy Ghost*church*kind strangers*family*my ward*my bishop and counselors*parents*LIFE*the opportunity to serve*prayer*testimony*love*family*having to read shakespeare when i was little so know i "get it"*my calling*the opportunity to go to college*

i have loved trying to find good things about life. every day. even if it seems like my day is no bueno. i always want to live in thanksgiving daily! (see post above for a great video on Thanksgiving)

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