28 December 2010

day 12. how you found out about blogger and why you have one.

i was introduced to the blogging world by my dear friend amberly (who may or may not have stopped blogging- sad day). so when i moved out my freshman year, my roommate kyli and i decided to start our own blogs. thus was born: scribblings of a life enthusiast. this blog is basically my life. i write what i'm doing, thinking about, etc etc etc. recently i have started two more blogs. one, showerhead diaries is a blog that i hope will inspire people. the second i started just today and is a blog chronicling the road to Uganda and my service there. someday i hope my blog will be terribly cute and exciting. but that probably won't happen until i'm graduated from college and PA school. so if you follow and read this blog "Thank You"! I really appreciate your stalking me!

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