29 December 2010

day 13. a letter to someone.

(because i'm not feeling creative enough today)
Dear You,

Whoever you are, I'm the girl of your dreams. I am real, even as you are real, and I dream about you. I look for you wherever I go...in moments of music and laughing and dancing...at school, at church, or just walking down the street, looking into faces that pass me by, wondering if you are there.

One day you will come out of the world into my sight and I shall know that you are for me, and there shall never be another. To find you will be finding eternal friendship and love...a feeling of togetherness, and we shall never be alone again. I dream of your strength, of your wisdom, of your kindness, of your courtesy, good humor, and optimism. I dream of the man you will be. You are choosing today the bread I shall eat, the walls that will shelter me, my position and place in life and in eternity. My crown will come to me only through your priesthood. What you are doing in preparation for the future, will determine my future too.

The bodies of our children, which I shall proudly bear, are part of you even as they are part of me too. We must become one, before they can be.

What you are in part you shall become. Be fine, honorable, wise, for me...for them. I will be chaste for you. You be chaste for me. I will be beautiful and clean in body and spirit and accomplishment for you. I will save all that is sacred and best for you. This same thing, I want from you.

On that holy day when we shall wed, I shall wear white, truthfully I shall kneel with you at the temple altar in the presence of God, angels and all witnesses. Honestly I shall accept the ring joyously. I shall kiss your lips purely. I shall bring you untouched, my virginity, that we may discover all the glory together as man and wife, priest and priestess.

Wait for me. it may be years before we find each other, but oh, I want you. I want no other. I believe I knew and loved you in the pre-existent life, and that you loved me too. That our lives were promised in priesthood covenant to each other. All night when I kneel to pray, I pray to find you. I pray with all my young love's beauty, hope, desire, and faith. May you be blessed, may you be guided and protected until we safely find each other.

This earth is wide. The roads wind every which way upon its surface. But God will bring us face to face sometimes, somewhere...Let us live for this blessing. Dear you. Whoever you are, wherever you are, I'm the girl...and I do love you...I am waiting patiently for you! Please wait...and prepare yourself for me too.

xo me.


  1. Beka, this is INTENSE! So beautifully written and really is like something you could publish and give to Laurels for a Young Women lesson or at girls camp. Save this for them!

  2. Well I didn't write it but I agree that it is VERY powerful! It is something every girl who is not married needs to remember!