23 December 2010

day 7. someone who has had an impact on you.

i have been blessed to have many many great people in my life who have helped me come to where i am today. it's hard to say there is one single person who has had the greatest impact on my life. (besides Christ, of course.) however, if i narrow it down to someone outside my family, who is not my age... then I would have to say Ms. Snow. Ms. Snow is the only teacher I still go visit at the high school. when I was in her chemistry and AP chemistry classes she always pushed me to work harder, but she always believed that I would do well. She wanted us students to do the best we could, and she was never the "easy teacher." Ms. Snow always knew that I could be whatever I wanted to me. She encouraged me to dream and believe in the impossible. She knew I was smart and she still helps me see that I can do whatever I want. Ms. Snow gives the best advice and has the best sense of humor. She is one of those people you want at your wedding and at your college graduation. You want to make her proud because she believes in you more than you believe in yourself. Thank you Ms. Snow for everything!
(ps sorry that i don't have any pictures of me and you; and sorry i had to cut your husband out of this, i'm sure he is cool too.)


  1. I adore ms. snow.
    we should go visit her.

  2. i didn't even know you knew ms snow! lets do go visit her!