13 December 2010

the dungeon

hey you.
yeah you. sitting where i normally study here on the first floor of good ol' harold. i don't really appreciate that you are down here. or that you brought all your loud friends. my normally peaceful, secluded study cave has been inhabited with you people desperately trying to cram for the final you definitely did not study for all semester. well, i'll let you in on a secret: studying on the first floor is only for the hard core. if you haven't been down here all semester, you won't last long. that's why you are joking with your friend, watching your favorite tv show, or perhaps falling asleep and drooling. yes, the first floor may have magical powers. but they are expressly given to those most dedicated (maybe antisocial) students. so, if you please, could you get out of my cubby? go up to the periodicals or the 4th floor, and leave me. in peace. alone. in my happy dungeon.




  1. Haha, I seriously wrote a post just like this a couple of days ago! Why do these people think that all of a sudden they can invade the first floor? So rude.

    Good luck on your finals!

  2. Ha ha I read your post and I it spoke the truth. It is ridiculous. I think I should have a reserved cubby down here since I am ALWAYS down here! haha. Good luck on finals to you!