10 January 2011

day 25. what would i find in your bag.

sorry about the lack of exciting posts as of late. i have been busy. sometimes being busy is good. it keeps you from falling apart. so day 24 was lame and i decided to skip it. i follow this other cool blog that is doing a way cooler 30 posts in 30 days, but i can't start it now so oh well. perhaps in a year i will do it? i think yes.

what would you find in my bag? i own many bags, but i use them very rarely. i have a "pacha" bag from Peru that is usually my bag of choice because it is easy to carry and holds books. i usually only take that bag when i go "out". thus it holds- wallet, camera, planner (possibly), lip gloss, and gum. i only take the bare essentials. i hate mary poppins bags that hold everything from a used tissue to that orange you forgot you took up to campus for lunch and never ate. i also have my backpack which, of course, holds my massive amounts of textbooks, my scriptures, lunch, water bottle and laptop. finally there is my gym bag which is home to my running shoes, leggings, shorts, sports bra, t shirts, head band, gloves, water bottle, and towel. love it.

i promise tonight (hopefully) i will post about week 1 of winter semester 2011, and tell you about my weekend which was quite eventful. until then, i'm off to read some physiology. happy monday!

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