12 January 2011

day 27. why i am doing the 30 posts.

i was bored. i thought it looked pretty cool. then [halfway through-ish] my friends started doing an even cooler 30 posts dealio. that will have to wait for 2012 i'm afraid.

i also thought this would be a cool way for ya'll to get to know me better. did it work? on a side note- i'm also working on {and by working, i mean thinking of ideas} for a get to know "the girl" page. hopefully that will be made. . . soon.

i also want to make my blog more exciting and more me. any ideas? any good websites/programs? please help me bring out my inner creative muse. along with that... i will be changing the name of this blog next month! and [hopefully] beautifying it. so get ready.

i'm ADD today. . .

sometimes i want to do strange things at work
- like talk secretively and officially into the walkie. but only with an educator who will play along. we could be secret agents.
- become an animal nerd and do things like going bird watching
- buy a Shasta the Liger shirt. and wear it.
- eat potato salad
- decorate my apartment with posters of bunnies and raccoons

you surely can guess it: i love my job.

1 comment:

  1. Haha, this post is way funny Beka. Have you heard of thecutestblogontheblock.com? They usually have some fun backgrounds. By the way, I love your blog name and that cute picture behind the title. How did you get it to be the right size?