13 January 2011

day 28. from last year to this.

a picture of you from last year and how you have changed since then.
this photo was taken almost exactly a year ago today.

in the past year i have
changed my major from public health to exercise science
turned the big 2-0
received a scholarship from BYU
been a bridesmaid for the first time
learned how to tie dye
had my first kiss
welcomed a best friend home
ran two half marathons, officially joining the running world
become addicted to skinny jeans
sent my little brother on his mission
loved my family even more
given my heart away
had my heart broken
learned that trusting in the lord is deeper than i thought
quit BYU Catering
got audrey hepburn bangs
started eating a lot healthier
learned to let go more
met new people
laughed over spilled milk

1 comment:

  1. that's a lot to accomplish in a year :)
    here's to 2011!