25 January 2011

my life be like...

about the lack of postage. . . let me explain

january has been crazy.
tough classes- genetics, physiology, stats
a new calling in the relief society presidency
working out for rugby
trying to survive the winter months
oh yes and attempting at a social life

here is january so far in photos
sarah king left on her mission

i am addicted to soy milk

i'm fund raising for africa
(read about it here)
buy a headband!

i have two new roommates who are awesomespice
(yes i stole that from this blog)

i've been eating a lot of frozen yogurt

i luau-ed
lovin the suspenders

my life has been stressful and yesterday was super disappointing. but the outlook is good[ish] and i am positive [or trying to be]. hey, i'm just gonna fake it until i make it.

ps. remember my favorite missionary?
please pray for him. k thanks.

1 comment:

  1. its so hard to try and maintain a social life while being a student!!!!!!! in the midst of it all make sure you are taking time for YOURSELF!!