19 February 2011

off to neverland!

last saturday I went to the BYU Preference dance- Peter Pan style. yes folks, i flew to Never Never Land. it's really the coolest place ever and I want to be a kid forever. i went with my roommate, Debi, and good friend, Lindsay, and our dates. we danced. we sang. we laughed. we raided Wendy's. i probably poked a few eyes out with my fairy wings.
{yes, i decided to be Tinkerbell, even though Tiger Lily is so much better. i discovered that it is very difficult to find an indian costume at Savers. next halloween, if i can find a young man to be peter pan, i will be Tiger Lily.}

to say the least, this dance was the funnest dance i have been to since freshman year. it was basically a rave. LOVE. it was an almost perfect night and i am so glad i got to share it with the people i did.

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