24 March 2011

i'm a jimmer-cen-ary

like a missionary. but a jimmercenary. the lingo for this guy is ca-razy. please, i beg of you, read this hilarious Deseret News article.

this is a diversion and really has nothing to do with March Madness...
[why yes, i did wear my no. 32 shirt today. tucked into my favorite skinny jeans, with a green cardigan over it. i was going to take a picture but i forgot. i also did my hair in a high braided bun. i could never be a fashion blogger. 1. i hate taking pictures of myself- i never look as cute as the other fashion bloggers. 2. i always forget to take pictures of my outfits.]

5:27 pm. begins an epic battle against the Florida Gators.

will i be watching? um duhhhhh. it's the sweet sixteen!

we better slaughter them the way we did last year. 
Jimmer has taken over campus. unless you attend BYU (or are a die-hard fan) you will not understand nor appreciate the Jimmer-mania. everyone is wearing the game t shirts. even my professor reminded us to pray for the team to win. if you aren't watching the game you either are a social reject (because you don't care) or you are devastated because you are too busy/ have class. dude, if it's a good game, i'll miss class!

but, it's not just Jimmer either. it's Abuou. Emery. Hartsock. Collinsworth. (let's not forget the guys who stepped it up last game to beat Gonzaga- Rogers. Magnusson.) these guys are my heroes. so, don't be a hater. mmmkthanks. 

there is 1 hour and 4 minutes until the game starts. my adrenaline is already pumping. i can hardly wait. but don't worry, i'll be ok. i'll just be chillin' here- with Jimmer. nbd.

the view from my desk. he's watching over us.

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