17 March 2011

the JIMMER show (aka not your typical st. patrick's day post)

for the record- i did wear green today.
no: i did not deck out and proceed to eat only green food. i also refuse to color any food green that is not meant to be green. i figure that since my ancestors were mortal enemies of the Irish (i am part Scottish) that i might get struck down if i participate in festivities of such a holiday.[besides i'm pretty sure that everywhere outside of utah, st. patty's is just an excuse for a parade, lots of food, and lots of beer. correct me if i'm wrong.]

if i hadn't had to wear green today (for fear of getting pinched- is that harassment?) there is no doubt i would have worn byu blue. because, despite how fun st. patrick's day is, the start of March Madness is oh-about-five-bajillion-times more exciting. i've been anticipating this all week. [i'll be watching the blessed game in the clyde building with a bunch of electrical engineering students. i'm a nerd. nbd.] i made my bracket (through a very scientific and accurate method) and i'm ready to go! i'm not gonna tell you who i picked as champion because some people dislike the school i chose. [no, it wasn't my dear bYu.] if you are in need of some pre-game excitement i suggest you jaunt over to the Deseret News and read this article. Jimmer really is awesome. now, my lovelies (whoa that sounds weird coming from me) it's back to work, but if you dare contact me in 45 minutes i'll be at tip off!

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