07 March 2011

my first goal for the National Month of Nutrition has been decided.  starting tomorrow i will not be eating any sweets!this includes: brownies, homemade oreos, sweet muffins, cookies, cake, cheesecake, candy etc. i'm usually pretty good about not eating treats anyways, but sometimes i get in a funk and then i consume as much sugar as physically possible. lately, it's taken a lot of self control not to binge [why yes, i did just use that word]. each day i say "today i'm going to be healthy." but it's not working so i've just decided to quit cold turkey. for the month. i will, however, allow myself frozen yogurt and [my favorite] all natural licorice. everything else- taboo.  i am going to find something else to make me happy.
getting ready for africa.
byu sports.
writing missionaries.

any other good ideas?

here's a challenge to all my blogging friends: make a goal for this month. one that will make you a healthier YOU. give up an unhealthy habit. take up a new form of exercise. get more sleep. or simply eat more veggies.  i'd love to hear about what you do to become healthier this month!

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  1. That's such a co-incidence, considering I started with my healthy month drive a week ago. Only veggies, only home cooked food, a complete no to junk food. It's going decently till now.

    Hi5. =)