07 March 2011

a post about love

there is this girl who i roomed with freshman year. her name is Amy Lynn Brugger. [or da Brug as we like to call her.]
this is her. she is one of my most favorite people in the entire world. we just "click." well, amy is in love. and she got engaged to this wonderful guy named Brandon Peterson just this Friday!!!!! brandon was nice enough to invite all of us freshman year roommates to celebrate with them after the proposal. we hid in his family's kitchen with family and other friends, and surprised her when they arrived. you know how they say people glow when they are in love? well, that's Amy and Brandon. I am just thrilled for Ames and so happy that she has found her "one true love." [am i sad that I will miss the wedding since it is while I'm in Africa? devastated. but my spirit will be there.] Brandon is a great guy and I know he will treat Amy right for the rest of eternity. 
the "roommates"

i'm just so grateful for Amy and her influence in my life! I am grateful that I know we will continue to be friends even after she is married! amy is just the happiest, funnest, quirkiest girl and i love her to death! 
congratulations Amy!!!

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