21 April 2011

summer staples via a twisted fairytale

i luuuurv summer. seriously. i find nothing more pleasurable than the hot sun on my skin. i love summer clothes. summer food (otter pops, fresh fruit, veggies from the garden). summer activities. summer people. everyone just seems happier in the summer. well this girl over at a twisted fairytale is hosting a summer staples giveaway. she has the right idea for summer fun! i really want to win it too :)

since this would be a very selfish post if i just said "ooooh i really want this cool giveaway so i'm posting about it," i just want to say a few words about miss meg. i don't know her personally, although we are from the same city and went to the same high school. she's a few years younger than me. i found her blog through... Kelsey Water's i believe. meg is amazing. i have learned so much from reading her blog! this girl has a strong testimony of Christ and she is always trying to do what is right. she is a loyal friend and a fun lover. i would love to meet up with her someday (before/after) Africa and get to know her better! you should all check out her blog :)

1 comment:

  1. i hope you win.

    if you don't,
    i vote we have a yogurt date because you are lovely.