03 May 2011

so long for now

get ready for the longest post of... the year. probably.
tomorrow i leave for the biggest adventure of my life thus far.
i am going to AFRICA!!!!
if you have not checked out my blog which I will be updating while in Uganda please click here. this is going to be epic!

so this last week i've had to say a bunch of good-byes. 
let me tell you something- i hate good-byes. a lot. in fact i avoid them at all costs.
most of these good-byes were pretty temporary- just the summer. but i did have to say good bye to 2 of the best girl friends i could ever ask for. 
here's what i've done in my last few days in the US!

i ate my first j dawg! and it was pretty good!
i went to j dawgs and spoon it up with my friend Nate Jellen. It was really fun! after being at BYU for 3 years i was finally convinced to eat a j dawg. and it was actually pretty good! i would eat one maybe once a semester.

miss breanne and me went to chilis!
saying good bye to Bre was hard. i met her in my poly sci class freshman year and we have been great friends ever since! she is going on a mission to Thailand in June. i know she will be a wonderful missionary but i'll sure miss her and her sunny personality!

after the feast of LOOOOVE
miss amanda garlock invited me to her home for tacos. we ate on the floor- africa style of course. it was so great to see a.l.g.! she was such a blessing as a roommate fall semester and i have missed her! (ps she dyed her own shirt cool huh?)

miss shalise and me after french toast and pancakes
i got to see shalise for breakfast which was so awesome! shalise has been the best friend! we went to one of our favorite places- Magleby's for all-you-can-eat french toast/pancakes. soooo good. i hated saying good bye to shalise because its for a longer time- about 20 months. Shalise is also serving a mission in Thailand starting in June. I'm gonna miss her a lot! But I am excited to hear about her mission and see where our lives go in the next year and a half!

after baptisms at the Provo Temple
i got to see my bff and go do baptisms with her and some family and her fiance. she is getting married may 26th (i think) and i am SO bummed i won't be here to see her happy day! but it was so great to see her before both of our big adventures!

i had to put all 3 pictures because it took three tries before kevin outsmarted the camera :)
i went to maggie moos with kevin which was great fun! kevin is super awesome because we both love whole wheat bread and v8. ok, there are tons of other reasons he is awesome besides those two :) 

other things i did:
- breakfast with daniel saturday morning. we had smoothies, german pancakes and sausage. it was delicious! daniel is one of my best friends and so we just chilled after breakfast. i don't know what he's gonna do this whole summer without me- heh heh.
- bbq with the stats buddies. Andrew threw a nice little bbq for me. reed, kyli and andrew were all there. plus, nate jellen, andrea lamb, ben hoglund, and brad bishop (kyli's husband). it was terrific to see everyone! they have been good friends this semester.

so this is good- bye! i'm a little bit sad, but saunter on over to my other blog and see how cool Africa is! i'm going to miss a lot of cool things this summer, but i know i will grow and become a better person! i'd love your prayers and e-mails!

see you in three and a half months!


  1. okay this is so weird. I somehow ended up here from a friends blog but I'm pretty sure we were in the same ward my freshman year. Anyways so so random. P.s. J Dawgs will forever change your life:)
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  2. Yeah what a small world! You lived on the 3rd floor right? Hope your life is great! Your blog is super cute!