06 September 2011

senior year. week 1.

i am a senior. in college.
like no big deal right?

i plan to graduate next August... maybe April if i get really ambitious.

anywho, i decided i need to stop posting so much about Africa and start posting more about normal life. i need to take pictures of the boring fun things i am doing, and just really enjoy my last year of college.

i have been back in school for just a week. i have the best schedule. zero classes on tuesday. one class thursday evening, that is every other week. woot!

what am i taking?
exercise physiology- oh my so interesting. the body is seriously amazing and i really love this class. expect to hear about this more...
piano lessons- it's been five years since i've taken lessons, so practicing an hour every day will be... a challenge. but the time goes by pretty fast. my teacher thinks i am (and i quote) "a very interesting girl."
music 201- your basic civilization credit, but with a music emphasis. my teacher is british slash australian and sometimes he swears in class (shhh don't tell pres. samuelson)!
masterpieces of english literature- this class is awesome because a) i have it with Andy and McKay, two guys who were in Uganda with me, b) we have the coolest discussions about literature and c) we get to read good books!
technical communication- hmmm i don't do so well in this area i think. we will see how i fare. the first assignment included a resume and cover letter. so far, not too bad.
yoga- i have always scoffed at this being called "exercise" but seriously it is a core work out! and it brings psychological benefits too- i left my last class feeling so at peace with the universe. this will be good when things start getting stressful.

the labor day weekend was filled with fun and games (football of course). and meeting new people. i like meeting people. they are usually pretty awesome. i am going to a dance party with the absters tonight.
stay tuned for pictures of my life in p town and adventures of the semester!

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