20 October 2011

a healthy me

i'm not a junk food junkie. i eat pretty healthy. i work out. i consider myself a fairly healthy person. but since i am an exercise science major, the topic of health, exercise, and nutrition is pretty much in my daily conversations. i have also been less than satisfied with my eating, running and workout habits as of late. [this is what happens when you work fast food, your lifting buddy moves to NYC, and your running buddy gets a boyfriend.] so, i have decided to make a goal following this plan.

starting november1st (because i have to have my halloween fun) i will be doing this. lucky for me it will be over just before Thanksgiving. I am hoping that if i get in the habit of eating really healthy then i will continue to do so into the horrendous holiday season.

in addition to my goal, i am making a "Healthy 365" page which will feature tips, my goals, etc. on how to stay healthy and fit. i hope you check it out! and enjoy!


  1. I would totally be your running buddy.... if i lived down there. : (

  2. boo i wish you did! i totally need one!