07 October 2011


today is the day of birth for the woman who gave birth to me.
 i know that everyone says that their mom is amazing but my mom really is!

you have to get to know her to know how cool she is, but here are a few reasons i love her:

- when i decided to go to Africa [about 4 years ago] she fully supported me and even researched groups i could go with. once i was in africa so had more faith in the reason i was there than i did! she encouraged me and called me whenever i needed it.

- she sacrificed her time and shared her talents so that all her kids could have a great education

- she is an example of a mother who puts her family first before everything else. she is always trying to help us kids in whatever way she can 

- she is one of the best read people i know. she is always reading some new book [not trashy books either- classics]. she instilled in me a great love for reading!

these are only a few reasons why my mom is awesome. if i could give her anything for her birthday i would give her the money to go back to school and get her Masters Degree. and i would give her and dad a trip to the British Isles.
but i am a poor college student so this blog post, a happy birthday phone call, and a small gift will have to do. someday when i'm rich. . . 

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