05 October 2011

shake ninja

yesterday i revealed that i do, in fact, work at the Malt Shoppe. i have been working there for about a month and it's. . .  well, it's a job. sometimes we are really slow and so we get bored. yesterday was one of those days. christina and i cleaned pretty much everything and then i decided to take some pictures.

welcome to the Malt Shoppe. . .
my view from the front counter
soooo happy to be at work. and learning how to use the headset....
there is this random HUGE plastic hamburger that we sometimes use as an idol
there is a possibility that there are some exaggerations in the descriptions of the above pictures. also please note that these photos were all taken before we got hit with a mad rush of people all wanting tons of food and shakes. and i was the one who was left to take orders from drive, cook all the food, and help with shakes. needless to say, there may have been a few angry words said in my mind... oh, how i love this job.

if anyone knows of any jobs in the provo area (that i can bike to) PLEASE let me know! because as much as i love being a shakeburgerandfries ninja, i'd rather not. . . 

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