03 October 2011

weekend rewind

this last weekend was fantastic.

but let's rewind to thursday. [i like to think that my weekend really starts on thursday because i don't have class that day. it's brilliant.]

i was sick tuesday, wednesday and thursday. but i had a date thursday night. i was excited but not happy that i was sick. going a date when you are sick is laaaame. however the date was the perfect "sick date"! not to mention it was great company. we went to zupas [secretly i was hoping we would go there because there is no comfort food like zupas] and then yogurtland. if you live in orem/provo area and have not been to yogurtland then i highly suggest that you drop everything and go there- tonight. my favorite yogurt flavors (so far) are oatmeal cookie dough, pistachio, and lemon blackberry mint. yum. we took our froyo to rock canyon park and just talked. plus, my date was nice enough to give me much needed cold medicine. thursday night was the first night i had really slept all week. hooray!
date night= success.

friday night was football again Utah State. please, my aggie friends, allow me to be loyal to my school. k thanks. i think a lot of usu fans think that there is this huge rivalry between us and them. there isn't. we have lost to them one time in the last 11 years. and yes, although i am aware that friday's game was close, byu football is known for their fabulous come-backs. so, although i wanted to win and i was more than thrilled at the miraculous win, its not nearly as ecstatic as i would have been if we had beat u of u. ok, back to the game. i hung out with kendra. it was pretty awesome. we got foam fingers and screamed a lot. at separate time in the game i: cried, almost had an aneurysm, shook like a leaf from anticipation, and yelled my voice hoarse. my favorite part was yelling "riley! riley! riley!" [bronco- i think it's time we let riley start. what d'ya say?] after the most epic win of the season i went out and watched Megamind with some really fabulous people.
game day+movie night= epic.

saturday i was at home for GC [General Conference]. general conference weekend is always awesome. i am thrilled beyond belief for the temple in DR Congo! that is so close to Uganda and i think it will make it a lot easier for members in Uganda to attend. yay! all my mbale branch friends will be much closer to the blessings of the temple! in between sessions i went to a student council reunion. not everyone was able to make it but it was so fun to catch up with Chan, Josh, Michelle [and hubby Justin], Heather [plus bf, Justin], Chelsey, Kayci, and Jen. pretty much everyone is all grown up! crazy. saturday night, during Priesthood session, mumsy, sarah and i went to Draper, to have a girls night with the Olsons. the view where they live is gorgeous so we had to stop and take a few pics. i forgot to take my camera off landscape setting so some of them are blurry. my bad. at Olson's we had peach pie and watched the movie "17 Miracles." i was skeptical about this since its not really a "girls night" type movie. but it was actually really good! it made me want to go back to martin's cove! [good thing my home stake is going there for youth conference next year and i hope i can go with.] we got home around 11 but that didn't stop Sarah and i from staying up until 3 am. we were talking- about everything. hey, if she is gonna be gone for 18 months, i gotta get all the talking in before she is gone!
gc+stu co reunion+girls night= fun fun fun.

sunday was another blessed day of conference. the weather was glorious so after the last session i convinced joseph and ben to go on a short walk. we took mikka too. it was beautiful! i went home [to provo] that night which is the only down side of the great weekend. sitting in my apartment editing pictures is not exactly an exciting way to end the weekend. but that's ok.
blessed day of rest= relaxing.

the first weekend was awesome. i hope that the second weekend is even better!

the first

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