09 October 2011

weekend rewind

it was another great weekend. not quite as awesome as conference weekend, but nothing really matches that does it?
date night again. the weather failed and so we couldn't go on a picnic. however i did end up having a really fun time! we went to rubio's grill [please, if you go, get the cilantro lime salmon burrito. it is divine] for dinner. then we got hot chocolate [the first of the season!] at the starbucks in barnes and noble, and then perused the bookstore for almost 2 hours. anyone who knows me knows that i should probably live in a bookstore. it was heaven. and we barely scratched the surface. i had a blast, and the company was really awesome as well!

i was a bit of a loser on friday. when the weather gets cold and the air pressure changes my head [?] freaks out and so i get migraines. its fun. not. i was a loser for the afternoon. that evening i went to cafe rio [my dinner was sponsored by daniel ostler- thank you] with the mbale gang! it was awesome to see everyone looking so normal! it was especially nice to see jenner and lindsey whom i haven't seen since africa!

after dinner i went to work. the "gang" came in to visit which was really nice. i wish i could have talked to them more but we got slammed for like 3 hours straight and i almost shot someone. 

i blessedly slept in. very much needed. then i proceeded to study for 4 hours. i love studying on saturdays! no really i do. the library is so much emptier and less distracting. [for a pathological people watcher, like myself, the library can be very distracting.] sarah came out in the afternoon and we had kaitlyn waters  do a little photo shoot of us. it was so fun and i am excited to see all the pictures! after the photo shoot we got mom a little bday present from Bed Bath and Beyond. then we hit up Zupas for dinner. i'm a little obsessed with that place. you should know that their thai lobster curry is delicious. ok after dinner we went to the BYU football game. it was sarah's first game [ever] and so i was pretty excited. she isn't a huge sports fan so i wanted to see if she would have fun. i think she did.

dee dee found us free vitamin water after the game, which made the evening exponentially better :)

it was nate jensen's homecoming! quite delightful! i haven't seen pretty much everyone who came home this summer because i was in africa. i was especially excited to see Nate and Steve.
they are cool and i am glad they are home. please guys, lets play a lot ok? after the homecoming i went home for mom's birthday party. she always has apple crisp [she doesn't like cake] which i think is the perfect fall treat.

so the weekend was pretty good. i hope this week isn't too stressful and that i have some fun times. i guess i will if i make it happen! peace out kids. i'm goin' to bed.

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  1. um cilantro lime salmon burrito?? YES please. I think we should go when you are in the mood again so I can try that! sounds like heaven in a meal. :)