12 November 2011

farewell sister arnesen

on wednesday my sister went into the mtc. yeah she is going on a mission- cleveland, ohio! i know i have said before but this has been a hard goodbye. i am afraid that things are going to be so different when she comes home. and if i get married while she is gone? its gonna suck. [not the marriage part. the not having her there to help me part.]
tuesday night she was set apart and then wednesday we took her to the mtc. here are some pictures from up by Provo Temple.
The whole family (minus 3)

Sarah and the boys

sarah and me

mom, sarah, dad

the kiddies
i know sarah will be an awesome missionary and even though I miss her i know that she couldn't be doing anything better right now. Love you sis!

ps if you wanna follow sarah's mission you can go here.

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