10 January 2012

for me

i used to do things for other people. to make them like me or to be impressive. 
sometimes i would even stretch the truth or tell a white lie so that i would seem "cool."

but i'm done with that.

 i'm doing things for me now. if i don't love what i do and who i am how can i expect other's to? 
i appreciate myself for who i am. 
i have unique likes and dislikes. 
i like ice cream and i don't like mushrooms on pizza.
i like justin bieber and taylor swift. i really don't love jack johnson. 
i really like to run, but i have a hard time being motivated. 
i have never hiked Timp, but someday, i will. 
i have a guitar but i don't know how to play it. it's just for looks. 
i like being healthy, but i could never give up dark chocolate or a good cheesecake. 
i like being goofy and sometimes i am blonde. i get angry easily when i'm hungry or tired. 
i like byu and hate u of u. 
i don't like the lakers, even though the jazz have not been good in years.
 i have never been to a baseball game, but i'm not really sad about that. 

i'm done making excuses for who i am or trying to change myself to make myself more likeable or more "dateable". 
i was homeschooled- and i'm proud of that fact.
 i did take 6 AP classes and get a 32 on the ACT. i have struggled at college, but i have learned to work hard and i have increased in learning and faith. 
i hate crude jokes. but i like laughing. 
most of my favorite movies are animated. 
my family are my best friends. i know i am a daughter of God. 
i would prefer to wear sweats/leggings and a t-shirt every day, but i get dolled up because every day is a date with destiny. 
i believe in living with passion and in standing strong to what you hold dear. 
i love making new friends, and i hate good byes. 

this is me. and i choose to live for me.

ps. sorry if this is random, but i have been thinking about this stuff today.


  1. i like this and i like you for you! also we are hiking timp together. :) remember how we already decided that? it's awesome.