02 February 2012

a letter

who do you write letters to for your birthday? for christmas we have Santa. and for Easter- the Easter Bunny. but no magical birthday creature exists. lame.

did you know that my 22nd birthday is in two weeks from this very day?! it truly is. i remember when i turned 11 and how i was excited because that meant i was almost a teenager and all that stuff. double digits are a big deal. well, 22 is pretty boring. especially this year. circumstances are such that my family has bigger things to worry about than providing me with the birthday of my dreams. which is fine. i'm dealing with those things too and my extreme lack of funds is also making it practically impossible for me to throw a party for myself either. [i know no one else is going to throw a party for me, and let's be real, if you want the party of your dreams you have to plan it yourself.]

so instead of feeling sorry for myself and saying "woe is me," i've decided to make a birthday wish list that i think is completely unrealistic.

1. i want real letters, just for me, from Elder Arnesen and Sister Arnesen.

2. i want to skype with Daniel- i will even stay up way late/get up really early to make this happen. he doesn't know i want to skype with him so let's just say this is probs not gonna happen.

3. get my grandma's homemade raspberry jam. it is the best!

4. relax over the 3 day weekend after my birthday (unlikely since i have 4 tests that week).

5. go to Tucanos and get a free birthday meal- this requires someone going with me and paying for their own meal.

6. do something really fun on my actual birthday. (this is unlikely since i have class from 9-5:30 on my birthday and then institute at 7:30. partay.)

yeah that's pretty much all the wishes i can think of- that are realistic. i mean if we were wishing for anything i would wish for a trip to disneyland or nyc, a massive shopping spree, true happiness, health for my mom, work for my dad, for hyrum to get into the byu music school, for world hunger to be solved, world peace, etc. but oh well. it's my birthday month and i want to make it amazing!
on my 21st birthday

is it bad that i have really low expectations for my birthday?

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