06 February 2012

weekend rewind

last weekend was the first weekend of my birthday month. since it is my birthday month i want it to be amazing. so far it's fun, but . . . emotional. that's all i want to say about that. but i did have a wonderful (albeit) very busy weekend last week.

i like to think my weekend starts on thursday since i only have one class on friday. thursday night my dear friend Shaunzi took me to dinner at Cafe Rio because she felt i needed picking up. i did. it was wonderful to be with an old friend! i love it when old friends see your change and love you all the same. after dinner i went to insitute with miss erin barrett where we were entertained by a lesson on dating (such an original topic, but i mean it was the marriage prep class). i did learn some things, especially about integrity and making decisions now.

on friday i awoke feeling somehow sick, and used that as an excuse to not do more than two hours of studying the entire day. oh, and i ate about six oatmeal raisin cookies. (am i the only person who could eat these all day? they are delicious, and sort of healthy right?) After getting off work at 6 i booked it home to get ready for a date at 6:30. i got home with three minutes to spare but luckily my date was a little late so i wasn't completely frazzled looking. we went to Pad Thai Siam in Orem and got Thai food. i lurv Thai food. it makes me think of (a) freshman year when we would fight (but not really) over who Heather would be bringing home Thai food for; (b) dear Shalise and Bre who are in Thailand preaching the Gospel (you two better learn how to make Thai food while you are there!); and (c) how much i want to go to Thailand! we got massaman curry (i'm gonna try to make this) and some kind of noodles with beef, veggies and sauce. yummy yum yum. after dinner we went mini golfing. (sometimes i feel like guys take girls mini golfing because they know the girl is going to be horrible and therefore it become a chance for them to show off their manliness by being amazing at mini golfing. i don't think this was my date's mindset though don't worry. mini golfing is one of the top 3 most frequent date activities in provo. the other two are probably country dancing and bowling.) anyways i stink at golfing. like bowling i try to avoid it. but this adventure was actually pretty good! there was only a few times where i had to take about 15 tries to get the ball in. luckily i didn't feel too stupid. i embrace my poor lack of aim, and blame it on my hyper-extended elbows.

on satuday i slept in until 10. this does not usually happen. but, due to the fact that i didn't sleep well until about 5 am, i would say that it was much needed. i ended up not going to the Bridal Fair with shaunzi (which made me sad but there are some things that you can't plan). at noon i went over to the gymnastics meet with my friend Evan. i've always thought gymnasts were the bread and butter of athletes. don't worry track & field and cross country always gets my top vote, but gymnasts are legit. they are powerful, flexible, and graceful, all in one tiny package! secretly i think i should have been a gymnast (i mean, i am 5' 2") but since i can't even do a cartwheel it obviously was not my life calling. my friend Mickell is on the gymnastics team here at BYU though. and i love watching her perform! it's thanks to her involvement that i watch gymnastics and love it as much as i do. she performed on vault and floor. i was bummed with her floor score and thought the judges were wack, but whatever. BYU lost to Boise State by one point. (i wish i could go to every home meet, but next week i have a ward dance so i have to miss it. poop.) after the meet i went home and was very productive all afternoon. really i truly was. that night i went to Becca Clyde's birthday dinner in Springville. Becca's parents made us a wonderful dinner of fajitas. now i see where she gets her amazing ability to throw dinner parties! it was lovely spending time with some guys and gals from my ward and celebrating with Becca. after the dinner i went out (with a boy) and we got ice cream from sonic. i'm not a huge sonic fan, but the oreo shake i got was quite delightful (of course, if you know me, you know i love anything that involves ice cream).

i do not have photogenic fingers. but isn't the heart cute?
sunday was Super Bowl Sunday/ the Sunday where i blissfully am unaware of what is going on in the sporting world. people ask me why i don't watch the Super Bowl. i don't really care about it, but the biggest reason is that i don't watch sports on Sunday. it is just something i don't do. so there you have it- the truth. after getting out of Fast and Testimony Meeting right after the sacrament (due to the fire alarm unceremoniously interrupting us) i went home and promptly hung out with miss erin barrett. if you didn't know we are soul sisters and have twin lives. it's cray cray. we tweeted back and forth with the indubitable cameron collins and then proceeded over to c209 for the puppy super bowl. (note: puppy super bowl does not count as a sport because it is mostly just adorable puppies romping around. not exactly as intense as eli manning. yes, i do know what goes on with the Super Bowl i just choose not to watch it. is eli attractive? double yes. ) watching puppy super bowl with three boys made me wonder a little bit about the sanity of animal planet (and the sanity of cameron, kevin and andrew). the remainder of the day was spent making cookies, Breaking the Fast with the good old 174th ward, planning Heather's baby shower, writing and skyping siblings, going to Ward Prayer, making Valentine's decorations, painting my fingernails festively, watching Gilmore Girls, making homemade granola bars, and chatting with a good friend. i got to bed at midnight which is not the smartest thing, but it was worth it.

after seeing the length of this post i have decided that maybe i should blog over the weekend instead of putting it off until monday. because who really reads these novels? i mean. . . no one comments on them. . .  (do you like how i basically am begging for comments? share the love people!)


  1. I love that you experienced the fire alarm as well...does this mean you also have church in the McKay? Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

  2. Thai is my favorite food ever. Literally. I make it all the time, and it's pretty easy to make. They even have, I believe, Thai kitchen at walmart that helps you make delicious Thai food.
    If you ever need another pick me up let me know, and maybe WE will go get some yummy Thai food:)
    ps thanks for the comment on my blog I really appreciate it!

  3. I love institute with you! And generally doing nothing of great importance except talking on Sunday. Ohhhhh I have your plate and stuff still by the way.

  4. I think it's funny how common miniature golfing is--I like it though. You're great. We still haven't hung out yet, we should soon!

  5. You need to go to Thailand. Haha