28 March 2012


not the drug. duh. i was just reading in my physics book about Marie Curie, and i remembered how as a little girl i read biographies of her over and over. it made me reflect on the other great women whom i made my heroine's. these four women have shaped my life and it is interesting that my paths continue to cross with work that they did!
1. Mother Teresa. nun, humanitarian, and Christian. besides Christ and the prophet she is my number one hero! what an amazing and selfless woman! her words inspire to be better, to love more, and to judge less.
2. Marie Curie. a remarkable physicist. she was so smart! she discovered the first two radioactive elements- polonium and radium. she did her work for the sake of social progress and to help humankind.
3. Amelia Earhart. aviator. she dared to break the boundaries of men's and women's roles. she did what she wanted to do even though it was extremely unusual for women to do that at that time.
4. Florence Nightingale. nurse and teacher. she started the first nursing school in Europe and nursed hundreds of soldiers during the Crimean War. she made nursing the noble profession that it is today.

when i was a kid, reading about these women, i had no idea that i would be heading to nursing school eventually, or that i would be taking college physics, or that i would be attempting to follow my dreams no matter how crazy they seem, or that my goal in life would be to make a change in the world like Mother Teresa. none of these women are "beautiful" by the world's standards. but to me, they are some of the most beautiful women ever because of the lives they lived! i am grateful i have had such great heroines since i was young. and i am grateful my mom encouraged me to read their biographies and opened my eyes to the wonderful people in the history of the world.

who are your heroes/heroines??

ps when i ask a question that means you should totally answer it.... ha ha comments encouraged.


  1. My mom, Emma Smith, Marjorie Hinckley, Mother Teresa and other ancestors that are in my family line :)

  2. k love this! thanks for sharing!