09 March 2012

questions before the weekend

sorry for my absence and short posts this week. i am trying to make school a big priority, so that means blogging falls by the wayside.
quick update on the 21 Day No Junk Food Challenge: it's going well. yes, i cheated. yes, i felt guilty. for approximately 27 minutes. i consider it a victory that i haven't touched my girl scout cookies (three boxes- thin mints, samoas, and tagalongs) and that i haven't cheated today.
before the weekend starts i should let you know that i am working on a very important post. it requires a lot of research and thinking on my part though, so i probably won't post for a few days.
i do, though, need a couple questions answered about some things i want to make a part of my life.

- have you ever done a cleanse? what do you think about them? if you have done a cleanse do you recommend it? i recently read about Dr. Oz's cleanse and i feel like cleaning my body out would be a great way to welcome spring.
- i am looking for a good marathon training schedule. my marathon is September 29th and I want to start training asap! also any other tips for first-time marathoners??? BONUS: i'd love to find a running buddy to run with me as I start training. any takers? i run about a 10 minute mile...
- is anyone out there going to the Hunger Games movie premiere/ anyone who wants to go? i am literally dying to go! i'm not a huge fan of premieres but kids, this movie is calling my name and i must go! i mean if i don't go, it's not like the end of the world, but i will be very sad and feel super dumb when everyone is raving about it the next day. let me know if you want to go/ are already going and have room for one more!

help a sister out ok? thanks peeps. i hope you are looking forward to my big post. i'm excited/nervous about it. oh, and have a happy weekend!
my plans:
-two dates (one tonight, one tomorrow night)
- RS birthday party
- shopping with my mum
- study functional anatomy
- laundry
- church
- research for the big post
- go running
- bask in the sunshine!

do you have fun plans for the weekend?


  1. I have done cleanses and detoxes, but most of them really aren't as beneficial as they claim. For one thing, a lot of them leave you very energy depleted and you aren't getting enough calories to even have your body properly function. I'm a proponent of clean eating (fresh produce, raw when possible, some poultry and fish, avoiding sodium, nothing processed/artificial, none of the foods you might have trouble digesting such as dairy) and plenty of water as a method to "cleanse". After clean eating and drinking a lot of water, you get the same results of getting rid of the "nasty stuff" without depriving yourself of the energy and nutrients you need. After a long time of calorie restriction and being obsessed about macros and counting everything, my weight yo-yo'ed and I looked the same. That was for years. For the short time I have eaten clean foods without thinking about calories and just listened to my body, I have lost a ton of weight and inches and my bf% dropped significantly. It's about quality, not quantity! I hope all of that made sense... TLDR: Restrictive detox/cleanses are bull, but eating good foods consistently works!
    For the marathon, I have a few different books/plans you may enjoy. The first is The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer by Whitsett. It goes into very useful things like what to eat, what to wear, getting started, and then lots of inspirational stories. It is mostly centered around putting in the miles and finishing. If you want to get into the fancy stuff like speed interval training and VO2max runs, read Advanced Marathoning by Pfitzinger. It goes more into the science behind the runs and why you need to do what you do in order to improve. It's a lot more strenuous, to be honest, but I think it's more effective in improving your time beyond just finishing. Third, there is also a good website called "halfmary.com" that will make you a personalized training plan based on your goals/how much you are willing to run etc. It even suggests some shorter races in the area to use as training run.
    If you ever have questions or anything, let me know! I love talking about this stuff. I have a marathon in June and then in early September, so I'm out there a lot plodding along, haha. You should also totally get on dailymile.com and post your runs. There is an AMAZING community of Utah runners on there to give each other information and motivation, and some forums for answering questions, and other stuff.

    1. Lurel if you are still living in Provo I would love to run with you! Do I have your number? I don't think I do. I'm just getting back into running after finals, so I am not doing long runs yet, but I hope to be doing at least 6 miles in a few days.

  2. I'm jazzed/curious about this big post!