13 March 2012

thoughts on tuesday

i promise with all my heart and soul that i am still working on the big post. it is just taking longer than i planned on because school comes first.

is it possible to choke on celery strands? i submit that it is.

i quite enjoy that Blogger asks you to "choose an identity" when posting a comment. i'd like to be Rory Gilmore please.

speaking of Rory. . .  season 5. i don't like Dean. there. i said it. i'm excited Logan is finally in the picture. he is cuter than he seems at first. do you think i'm like Rory? in some ways, i think yes.

BAH! how could i forget?! one of my very best friends (also a former roommate) is having her baby boy this very day!!!!! when i found out the news i wanted to laugh and then cry. and then i ate a butterfinger. butterfingers are good at containing emotion.

i'm really emotional these days. its like a freakin' roller coaster over here. luckily i have yet to cry over food, but that may yet happen.

eating two stalks of celery is my biggest accomplishment so far today. i feel like a rabbit.

i wish something- anything- would happen. so that i can have a sense of what my future is going to be like.

sore quads= awesome.

i need a spring remake to my blog. ha. that is only realistically going to happen after finals. a summer re-do it is.

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  1. "and then i ate a butterfinger". i love you. haha. but srsly.