08 April 2012


My family celebrates Passover every year around Easter. This year, despite their travels to Texas over Easter, we still did it, just a week early! We used to complain about how long the program took and how boring it was (ok, some of us still do complain about it) but it is really quite short and gives me something to think about!
this year i especially was touched by the "dayenu" or "it would have been enough. we go through a list of things that we are blessed with and conclude that if that blessing was the only thing we had, that it would be enough. it made me think that i have been given so much that i really should not complain about the things i don't have!
here are some (obligatory) pictures from the event:
the plate with all the symbolic foods
the family- minus mom (she took the picture)
i am so glad that mom took the time to do Passover this year! i was pretty bummed that they were all going to be gone for Easter and i wouldn't get to celebrate with them at all. hooray for Passover!

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