21 June 2012

dear life,

this week has been forevers long. like the type of long where i wish i could go back to last thursday when i woke up at 4 am to go to clinicals. yes folks, i've come to that.  i need a new job- mostly because the museum closes in like 9 days and so my time here will also come to a close, but also because this whole sitting at a desk thing and staying inside the same 25 square feet thing, is not working out for my sanity.  but it's like no one wants to employ me. i'm getting desperate. i need (and want) a job as a CNA, but apparently i cannot find one... or maybe it's just that no one wants me. poop.

dear p-town, me and you? well it's just not working out. i hope i can last another year in happy valley. not happy that it's a whole year, trust me.

dear cookie dough, i am super happy i decided to make you on a whim at 11:30 pm. i see us having some good times together.

dear hulu, i really need a new drama to watch. i just can't watch any of those teeny-bopper shows cough cough pretty little liars. . .

dear "perfect life" bloggers, don't be offended, but sometimes i throw up in my mouth over your posts. like really, your life can't be that perfect. there has got to be something that you dislike or that you are struggling with. because if you were perfect, you would have been translated.*

dear car, how and when did you get so dusty? did you go on an adventure without me? like for real, i can't even see out of the windows.

dear carlie, if i'm not a priority in your life, i won't make you a priority in mine. call me. . . maybe?

dear boys (in general), i'm thinking of taking a hiatus from dating. is it bad to say no to dates just because you don't want to go out and potentially end up in a hurting situation? input please.

dear gmail, don't worry about the fact that i check you at least 20 times a day. . . and still the only unread message is from me. it's like i'm hoping some amazing piece of mail will magically appear.

dear bright colored pants, i want you in coral, mint green, turquoise, and even pink.

dear j biebs, apparently you have something really big going on all around the world. is it bad that i don't really care? probably the only one on twitter. . .

dear weekend, i just want to survive you and get to monday. i new week sounds just glorious.

dear noah, please please get better. it makes me so sorry to hear you have malaria. you are in my prayers!

xo beka

*i sincerely hope i did not offend anyone because that was not my intent in the least. if your life is perfect then kudos to you. maybe you should help me out by giving me an attitude adjustment. ps. i really do love my life, for the most part.


  1. I'm all for saying no to dates because you don't want to go :) However, you may not want to trust my opinion, because I'm currently trying to revamp my attitude towards dating. But I feel ya. If I wasn't scared of being hurt/hurting someone, I would def be dating more...

  2. dear bekah, i love you so much and i'm sorry things are rough right now. one thing i want to point out (because i'm super aware that my blog is one of those throw up in your mouth ones right now ;) ) is that not everyone is willing to post things that are hard or frustrating for them. i know that that is how i am. so do not be deceived my friend, we suffer too. :)

  3. Firstly i should be going to bed, but i can't sleep at the moment. So as far as input concerning dating... Im not a dating guru but i think the ideal is to just take the bad with the good. I know that getting my heart broken sucks so i don't blame you for taking a hiatus. Taking breaks is how i get a fresh view on things if i become frustrated.