21 August 2012

hyvää syntymäpäivää

that means happy birthday in finnish. crazy right? well, i hope someone is singing that to my brother today because it's his birthday! funny story- he celebrated three birthdays while on his mission because he went into the mtc while he was still 18. it's also spencer's golden birthday today- twenty one on the 21st! therefore this calls for an extra special celebration. 

it has been really great to get to know spencer more as he has grown on his mission in finland. he has learned how to be a better leader. he has been able to work with people from around the world and teach them the gospel. he has learned the power of prayer. he has become a more patient person. he has a firm testimony of the gospel. 

spencer has been given challenges and has faced them with faith. he has overcome disappointment and rejection. it is weird to think that the last time i saw him he was a fresh out of high school and now he is a going to be a returned missionary!  

guys, this boy is my best friend. maybe it's because people always thought we were twins when we were little. or maybe its because we have always managed to have fun with each other- even when i spread his underwear all over his room when his friend was over. maybe it's because we have pretty similar personalities. whatever the reason, he is awesome. i have missed him these last two years! i am so terribly proud of the mission he has served. i am thankful for his example and his testimony. thank you for being my brother spencer! i can't wait to see you in two days! be excited for adventures this year :)

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