25 May 2010

impossible is nothing

it's that time of year again. the sun has finally started to shine. the mountains are green. i'm starting to think about swimsuits. and my brother's bring home their yearbooks. i get nostalgic when school comes to an end. nostalgic might not be the right word. but maybe it is.2010 means my little brother spencer is graduating from high school! so now i'm nostalgic for senior year. i pulled out my yearbook tonight. i just couldn't resist. were we really all that young? i swear i was older when i was 18. guess i wasn't.its funny, you know, reading through what people write in your yearbook. you can almost tell who will still be your friends in 5 years. so far my theory has proven correct. but my senior year was the bomb.com. chyes it was high school, so drama was abundant. but looking back the things that are most important to me really stand out.
the family- called student council
this date was the best
these girls, who continue to change my life


  1. Aww! Good times! I miss all those people. You had a really awesome graduating class.

  2. well... what can i say? we are awesome! ha ha just kidding. but i loved that year. i miss you! when are we going to play?