26 May 2010

[general conference april 2010]

I forgot that this was one of my goals for the year! So therefore I'm just barely posting about it.

Going to General Conference was an amazing experience. I went up to Salt Lake with my good friend Lindsay. We rode up on Trax. We had quite an adventure getting a ticket to the Saturday afternoon session! The stand by line was forever long, so we started just asking people if they extra tickets. Luckily this nice couple gave us these tickets they had! We didn't have amazing seats, but I was so glad to be in Conference! My first time ever!

The session was amazing. Elder Holland's talk was definitely my favorite. What an inspired man! I am so grateful for the Prophet and the Apostles who lead the church.
After the session we went to CPK and got Greek Pizza for Lindsay's birthday. So much fun and the food was so good! (I give it an 8 out of 10)


  1. I love your blog banner picture thing. So cute! I wish I as that creative. :)

  2. let me tell you the truth... the picture i just randomly found it on the internet. i'm not that creative ha ha