20 June 2010

if you give a mouse a cookie

life is stressful. did anyone tell you that? tonight my mom talked to us kids about budgeting money- so we wouldn't be in a mess when we get older. that got me thinking...
i need to be a better budgeter

this made me think about school which make me think that WHOA i'm going to be a junior- in college. pretty sure one day i was walking around high school worrying about being popular and getting asked to homecoming and then today i'm preparing to graduate from BYU and apply to Physician's Assistant school!


so i made my graduation plan. it gave me a bit of anxiety because there are so many stinkin hard classes that i have yet to take! it is not going to get easier people, unless i miraculously get smarter which is highly unlikely. i should graduate in December 2012 or August 2012 (if i take spring and summer classes).

all this planning made me think about something else. the "m" word. Marraige.

marraige can change so many things. like how many credits you take because you have to work more. or if you are even able to take classes for a semester because you are planning the wedding. or where you go to PA school. or if you even go to PA school.
i don't think that just because i get married that i should completely stop my education after getting my BS. i think i should be able to continue and fulfill my dreams of doing medical work. right?
but whatever the Lord says I should do, I will do. I have to remember to trust in the Lord! No matter what is happening or how hard my semester looks.

as long as i am following God's plan for me I'll be happy. I hope I can accept His plan with faith.

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