01 July 2010


i couldn't think of a creative name for this post. because my brother is so awesome that there are not words to describe him.

we've always been buds. because we're only 18 months apart we played together a lot growing up- lion king, pioneers, george washington. some people thought we were twins. sometimes we corrected them. sometimes we didn't.
spencer is super cool. he plays hockey and is good at basketball, football, and soccer! he is an amazing singer. he was in chamber choir senior year and also starred in Les Mis! he is way smart and has taken so many AP tests its ridiculous. he got into BYU, with a scholarship.

spencer is a people person. people are drawn to him. he has tons of friends who love hanging out with him. he is definitely a "cool" kid. he is good with teens as well as younger kids too. he is easy to talk to and likes to have fun!
probably most importantly, spencer has a strong testimony. he is called to serve in the Helsinki Finland Mission and leaves August 4th. He is so excited and is doing everything he can to fully be prepared to enter the MTC. i know he will be a great missionary! i'm going to miss him a lot. this past year, spencer has become one of my best friends. i like talking to him and hanging out with him! he is a great little brother!

love you spencer!


  1. oh how much i love this darling kid!

  2. This post says as much about your sweetness as his. Love you.