04 July 2010

food, movies, and fireworks

today i had a friend tell me that she missed reading my blog and i hadn't posted in forever. let me catch you up on my life as of late....

a few weeks ago my family went to our friend's home to eat a Finnish dinner and learn more about that country because that is where Spencer is going on his mission! it was a great experience! Finland is a very beautiful country and the food is so good too! the only downside is that when it's winter- its dark 100% of the time! This dinner got Spencer really excited to go and told him more of what to expect.
last sunday i was called to be 2nd counselor in the YSA ward Relief Society. i was super nervous when i first got the call because i feel like it's a huge responsibility! getting set apart was a good experience and i feel better about the calling even though i have no idea what i'm doing.

on june 29th/30th i went to my first midnight movie- except it was at 2:35 am. same diff. i went to see ECLIPSE! AH! so amazing! I went with my great friend Shaunzi and her friends from Logan. they were hilarious! the movie was so so good, even though i was super tired. after the movie got out (at around 4:30) shaunz and i went to ihop for breakfast. i was starving! i really liked the movie, but i don't think i'll be going to many more midnight movies...
yesterday Spencer and I got to sing in the Stadium of Fire Choir! It was a really busy thing and took a lot of time, but it was worth it! when Carrie Underwood sang the national anthem I was literally 4 feet away from her! I could have touched her! I almost had an aneurysm. no joke. she sang all my favorite songs. seeing Carrie was a dream come true! it was awesome to sing patriotic songs while fireworks were going off. what an experience!
so that's my life. i'm so busy with work, running, church and family stuff! July is going to be an eventful month! so stay tuned for more posts...

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