06 July 2010

the mid summer slump

i need motivation. i've reached what i like to call the "mid summer slump." i've been building a good summer. consistent. getting stronger.

then the fourth of july happened. i allowed myself the weekend to eat sugar again. bad choice. late nights= forgetting scripture study and being grumpy, plus not waking up early to run. i haven't run for 5 days (including today) and i keep splurging on junk food! not tons, but way more than i've had this summer (which is none).

poo its lame. so if you have any motivation please give it to me! i need to get off my butt!

poo. i think i'll go for a short run.


  1. Read Runner's World magazine. It always gets me jazzed about running. I'm not sure why.

  2. i know this feeling. and that just may be me right now. no self-control often equals summer. but that's okay to some degrees because it's summer and the school year just gets worse. but it is hard enjoying it when you are frustrated.