30 August 2010

third times the charm

i moved back to provo last week. i am loving being back down here! i was a Y Group Leader for NSO last weekend. those freshmen are awesome! brings back memories of when i was their age.
(ahhh good times) i loved the other two Y Group Leaders- Chrissy and Kirsten- who
ed with me in our group, Yellow 14.i loved seeing my freshmen friends- Todd, Madeline, and Evan. They are great. i hope they love their freshman year as much as i loved mine!

today was the first day of school! highlights included:
running after it had rained
eating a healthy breakfast- yum
cute new outfit!
perfect weatheronly one class today- Music 101
sitting by a cute boy who got my number
Spoon Me, with dear Amberly
making delicious banana bread

i think this year will be a success!

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