22 August 2010

. . winding down. .

the month of august has been quite a boring month. but let me catch up on some of the more exciting things i have done.
1. Tie Dye!
Mike is pro at this. he has taught be everything i know. so a bunch of us got together and made tie dye shirts. we also made crepes. i made the crepes. mike provided fruit and delicious butter syrup. yum. a thunder storm made the night exponentially more epic. loved it.
2. Britt got married.
My lib square roommate, Brittany, got married on the 14th. after getting lost about 5.3 mil
lion times, i found her reception up at Granite Park in Sandy. she was beautiful and oh so happy. the reception was darling and totally her style. it was terrific to see my old roommates and peeps from the square! it also didn't hurt that she had some delicious grub for us to eat.

3. I ran a 10K- while sick.
Wednesday morning I woke up, my head about exploding from a headache, nose stuffed up, and a throat that felt like it had been sawed in half. after seven hours at work that day i came home feeling even worse. thursday and friday i was basically dead to the world. i wasn't sure if i should run the 10K... but, not wanting to waste the $20 i'd spent on registration, and wanting to run again so badly- i did it! my time was not great. i could have gone a TON faster had i been 100% well. but at least i finished. (my brother also got 2nd in his age division!)
i move out tuesday! new adventures soon to begin!

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  1. wow. good job on 5k while you're sick - that' impressive. :) i hope to see you a lot around campus, too!