20 September 2010

dreams and missionaries

last night i had a dream about all my missionary friends. i am dedicating this post to my great guy friends who come home this semester!


#1. Nate Hainsworth- I don't think I need to say much since anyone who knows me also knows that I am counting down until this Elder gets home. I am 98.7% excited and 2.3% nervous. It'll be good. I have been friend's with Nate for a long time and I truly respect him and know he is
such a great person. I know that he has been such an instrument in the Lord's hands in Charlotte. I can't wait to see him! because we are great at making funny faces. because nate is secretly a weather man. because we almost died on a mission together in the space center. because we sing rent together. because we apparently argue like a married couple in calculus. because he is the nicest friend i could ever ask for. and because we have great disco poses :) don't be jealous
#2. Chad Clayson probably comes home the same day as Nate. I wrote him once, but he never wrote back. Fail. Ha ha but Chad is my oldest guy friend. We have been friends since I moved to PG approximately 19 years ago. Go us! He's a funny guy and I can't wait to hear about his mission. I also am excited because he is a huge BYU fan and he needs to be here cheering on the Cougs!

#3. Josh Harris! I put the exclamation point because, well, Josh is Josh and he is awesome. Josh always makes me laugh and hanging out with him is an adventure. Even while he has been on his mission he has given me advice (he thinks I should date the ninja turtle Michelangelo) and knocked my socks off with his skills as an artist. I also can't wait because his mom built a pool in his back yard while he was gone and I want to swim in it ha ha.
don't we look so attractive?

#4. Mike Roberts- despite his loyalties to the school that will not be named, Mike is hilarious and we are such great friends. I am excited for him to be back to maybe he can speak Italian to me (not in a romantic way, I just like Italian) and we c
an school bash again. Mike is funny (see below)#5. Daniel Ostler- Daniel and me didn't become real good friends until he moved to Israel in the middle of our senior year. I got to know him and how strong his testimony is. He isn't just a cool, fun guy, but he also has such a great faith! Maybe when he gets back he can teach me how to bowl ha ha.
can't wait for my boys to come home!

p.s. 25 days!


  1. Aw. Now I miss Michael. :( He's so great.

  2. i know right? weird how soon he comes home?
    remember when we wrote that poem for him? bahaha