25 September 2010


dear faithful readers,

if you are reading this- thank you. i am in the middle of revamping my blog.
again. i'm not good at the whole "cute blog" thing.
kaitlyn, hilary, erin or kylie you really should help me in this department!
but i possibly might have a new name. definitely a new look. basically a whole new me! (well not really, although i am getting a haircut next saturday!)

if you have any ideas or suggestions or outbursts of emotion, send them my way. until then- please wait patiently :)

<3 beka

ps. 20 days- what!


  1. Try looking around here: http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/ I hear you on the difficulty of thinking up a name idea. I'm not creative enough haha

  2. Great minds must think alike - I spent a looong time (probably way too much time) redoing my blogs today :)

  3. oh heavens...i just mess around. but give me the name of your blog and I'll try and do something!