16 October 2010

6. fatty

“Beauty is simply reality
seen with the eyes of love.”

today's challenge was to go the whole day without saying or thinking anything negative about our bodies. in other words- no fat thoughts. i'm fairly good at this. i believe i only slipped up once.
i think this is a really vital characteristic to create- being positive about your physical appearance. last spring i really struggled with my body image. i felt like i was fat and ugly. it was a horrible time. and no one knew about it. i let myself give into negative thoughts which led to unhealthy eating habits which made me feel even worse about myself. this summer i had to do major work to turn myself around. it was a physical and spiritual process. i turned to the Lord and asked for His help in improving myself in this area. so now i feel pretty good about myself. as long as i am working out, eating healthy, praying, reading my scriptures, and getting sleep, i feel great. i hate to hear my friends (or anyone else) say negative things about their bodies! we are God's daughters! He loves us! He thinks we're beautiful- and, really, who else matters?

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