17 October 2010

7. unplug

Only two percent of women
describe themselves as beautiful.

today's challenge was to tune out the media. so to do that i decided to limit my time on the
internet, not listen to my ipod, and to only listen to good music. pretty easy since today is sunday and i usually do that anyways. i decided to "tune in" to nature- via the Alpine Loop. it actually helped me- but not in making me feel more beautiful. another way.
anyone who knows me knows what this last weekend was. i have been on the verge of a
breakdown all day. i could barely keep the tears in. so when i got back to provo i suggested an afternoon drive up the loop. being out in nature, with my loving and awesome roommates, made me reflect on God's love, His mercy, and how He will always give us good things- even if we have to wait. I need to be more patient. But I also have to work. I can't just sit around waiting for good things to happen to me. I am so grateful for this beautiful world we have.

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